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Building Permits:

Building permits are required for the erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, removal, improvement, demolition, conversion, or change in the nature of any building, structure, or swimming pool. The following is a list of common projects for which a building permit is required:

  • New Home and Building Construction
  • Home Improvements: Additions, Decks, Porches, Garages, Major Renovation and Roof Replacements.
  • Swimming Pools
  • Storage Sheds / Out Buildings > 140 Square Feet Non-Commercial
  • Wood Stoves, Fireplaces, and other Solid Fuel Heating Devices

Building Permits are not required for ordinary repairs that are not structural in nature or do not involve material alterations or structural features, plumbing, electrical or heating/ventilating systems, for agricultural buildings such as dairy barns and poultry houses, erecting fences, constructing non-commercial storage facilities under 140 square feet and roof repairs and siding projects. However, any construction or repair work not requiring a permit must nonetheless be done in full compliance with the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention Code 19NYCRR, and any and all other state and local statues.

The Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) is available to discuss any planned projects and review what permits/approvals may be required.

The CEO may revoke a permit where it is found:

    1. There has been any false statements or misrepresentations made as to a material fact in the application.

    2. That the permit was issued in error and should not have been issued in accordance with that applicable law.

    3. That the work is not being performed in accordance with the provisions of the applications, plans or specifications.

    4. The person to whom a permit has been issued fails or refuses to comply with a Stop Work Order.

The CEO may issue a Stop Work Order whenever there are reasonable grounds to believe that such work is being performed in an unsafe and dangerous manner, or for any of the reasons stated above.

Submission of your Application:

To help facilitate your Building Permit, please review your application and be sure that it is fully complete. Please make note of the following special items:

Tax Map Number: The tax map number for the property can be obtained from the Essex County Office of Real Property, Tax Collector or Town Clerk.

Project Information: Complete description of project, including drawings as described below and narrative of work including trades to be involved and cost estimates for materials and labor and a statement that the work shall be performed in compliance with the Uniform Code, applicable state/local laws, rules, and regulations.

Drawings (with the full name and address of the property owner/applicant) shall include:

  • Site Plan with limits of site work and the location of the well, septic system, APA delineated Wetlands, Flood Plan, Property Lines, Setbacks and any other relevant information.
  • Building Plans must include complete detail; Plan View, Elevations, Sections, dimensions and material schedules, to allow for a complete review of the NYS Building and Fire Code.

An original seal and signature of a licensed NYS registered architect/engineer must be affixed to all drawings and the cover page of the specifications, with the exception of, unless specially required by the Code Enforcement Officer; (N.Y. Educ. Law, Article 145, §7307)

  • New residential buildings of 1500 square feet of living area or less not including garages, carports, porches, cellars, or uninhabitable basements or attics;
  • Alterations to any building or structure costing $20,000 or less, which do not involve changes affecting the structural safety or public safety thereof; or
  • Any habitable space (Living or Sleeping Areas) require adherence to the energy and property lite section of the NYS Building Code.
  • Farm buildings including barns, sheds, poultry buildings, and other buildings used directly and solely for Agricultural purposes.
  • Manufactured homes will have an insignia of approval issued by New York State Fire Prevention and Building Code.

Hazardous Materials Survey

"Notice to Building Permit Applicants"

An asbestos survey is required for all renovation, remodeling, repair and demolition of all interior and exterior building materials installed on or after 01 January 1974, or as detailed in 12 NYCRR 56. As per NYS Industrial Code Rule 56, asbestos material must be abated by licensed contractors utilizing certified asbestos handlers, with the exception of owner-occupied single family homes, where the owner may remove asbestos. However, it is not recommended that the owner remove asbestos. The owner could potential expose themselves, their family and neighbors to asbestos fibers if correct engineering controls and work methods are not utilized during the abatement. For further information and updates, please see the NYS website at:

Proof of Workers Compensation

ACORD forms are not acceptable proof of New York State Workers’ Compensation. Under Workers’ Compensation Law (WCL) Section 57, businesses requesting permits, licenses or seeking to enter into contracts must provide one of the following forms to the entity issuing the permit or entering into a contract.

The following are acceptable forms:

  • CE-200 Certificate of Attestation of Exemption from New York State Workers’ Compensation and/or Disability Benefits Insurance Coverage; or
  • C-105.2 (9-07) Certificate of Workers' Compensation Insurance; or
  • U-26.3 State Insurance Fund’s version of the C-105.2 form; or
  • SI-12 Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance (the business calls the Board's Self- Insurance Office at 518-402-0247); or
  • GSI-105.2 Certificate of Participation in Workers’ Compensation Group Self-Insurance (2-02)

If there are no employees the contractor can complete the CE-200 “Certificate of Attestation for New York entities With No Employees and Certain Out of State Entities, that New York State Workers’ Compensation and/or Disability Benefits Insurance Coverage Is Not Required”. The new Form CE-200 will be valid for a single building permit only. Form CE-200 can be filled out electronically on the Board’s website, under the heading “Forms.” Applications filing electronically are able to print a finished Form CE-200 immediately upon, completion of the electronic application. Applicants without access to a computer may obtain a paper application for the CE-200 by writing or visiting the Customer Service Center at any District Office of the Workers’ Compensation Board.

For Residential Projects, if the homeowner is performing the work they may complete Form "BP-1 09 2007 Affidavit of Exemption Homeowners". (Available from the CEO on request)

Inspections During Construction

It is the full and complete responsibility of the permit holder to schedule inspections and to make sure that all inspections required for the Certificate of Occupancy are secured with the CEO. It is recommended that, at a minimum that, Forty-Eight (48) hour notice is provided for all inspections. The Town of St. Armand Code Enforcement Office is a part-time operation and while every attempt will be made to work with your schedule with appropriate notice, it is not always practical to accommodate all requests, please plan ahead to ensure for the unexpected.

An inspection is required upon completion of each stage of construction, including but not limited to:

  • Footings/foundation
  • Framing
  • Insulation
  • Electrical (Third Party Inspection – Only preapproved Electrical Inspectors)
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Septic Systems (Before Backfilling)
  • Final Inspection

Some projects may have a complexity that requires Special Inspections or additional inspections required by the CEO. It is the permit holder’s responsibility for all third party inspections or to arrange for all additional inspections. No construction items or elements shall be covered or buried before they are inspected by the CEO.

Term of Permits

Building Permits for new structures (except as noted below) shall be valid for two (2) year.

Building Permits for renovations and repairs shall be valid for one (1) year.

Building Permits for Pools, Garages, Decks, Chimneys, Roofs, Septic Systems and Fuel Burning Devices will be valid for one (1) year.


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